Welcome to Wunderbar Rentals!

Enjoy your vacation in paradise!!!

Life is good at the beach!

Come see for yourself…

Six charming, romantic homes

Perfect for that enchanting getaway…

Enjoy our top-notch amenities

…or visit the inviting neighborhood bars and restaurants!

Experience peace, comfort and love...

Sanctuary with pool on horse farm

Head out on the water...

all just a short drive away!

High above everything looks amazing!

…on the ground with us it will be the same!

Most of us feel only the sand...

…with you we leave footprints

When night falls...

Your feelings will come alive. 365 days a year.

Over the rainbow

A feeling of love, or an affair…you choose

You love boating?

We got the water, the fish, the manatees and much more…

You never know...

…who you meet in the water!


…with a magnificent sunrise.

Pure Nature...

Enjoy the view!

Our Waterfront Dream

…on the water, with incredible views!

Guten Tag, Welcome, Bonjour, Buen Dia!


We provide the ultimate service for your best vacation ever!


Our goal is to be for you… what others may not be. From the moment you check our listing, to the call to discuss what you need, from the time you check in to the moment you sadly depart, we happily care!


Our experience and desire to understand your needs is only part of your time in Florida. Let us make you feel like family and we are sure that you be part of our family when you say goodbye.

Oh…. and don’t forget to ask us about RACL. :-)